2020 Vision for Addiction Ministry
More People, More Places


Encompass Ministry
Intensive Help for the Tempted

Every Thursday at 8 pm for Men

  • Personal Encouragement and Effective Accountability
  • Weekly Addiction Change Group
  • Weekly Biblical Counseling Session
  • A Transition Team (especially needed for those coming out of a residential program)

    Are you struggling with temptations in a particular area of life? Don't struggle alone. Let God's grace help you through weekly spiritual fellowship.

    Stop letting the enemy steal, kill and destroy from you relationally, financially, intellectually, emotionally, etc. Jesus came to give abundant life (John 10:10). You will receive personalized encouragement, guidance, prayer, and even resources in a group setting to help you turn from the temptations, turn to the renewal of the mind and replace it strategically with God's provisions and callings.

    Tim Bryant and Caleb Kennedy will give you practical directions and inspiring insights for 1) Radically amputating triggers that feed the temptation as Christ commanded in Matthew 5:27ff; 2) Radically renewing your heart to resist with inspiring scriptures as Ephesians 4:22-24 commands; and 3) Radically replacing temptations with daily practices that produce a growing satisfaction with the life and callings God has given you to live(.

    Though there is no obligation to pay, we ask you to consider contributing $10 a meeting to help us continue.  If you would like to sponsor someone or like to become an Encompass monthly partner every gift glorifies Christ through helping them gain spiritual support from the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center to be transformed.

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